Induction in 2 days and now I'm so scared.

I was so excited and now it's really settling in. I am so excited to have my baby boy but holy crap, I am so scared to birth this baby. I can't sleep I'm so nervous, I'm so scared I won't be a good enough mom and I'm so terrified for the pain and pushing and I'm terrified I won't know what to do once he gets here. I promised my mom she could be there but to be honest I don't want anyone there except my husband and now I'm scared to say anything. I suddenly don't think I'm ready. I just wanna crawl into a hole and cry today. I have to have my induction due to medical reasons; I'm glad I can prepare having a date set and all, but it also gives me way too much time to think about it. I'm so stressed. I'm trying to be calm but this is completely new for me. Ugh I pray I can do this.