11 dpo implantation bleeding or AF?


I’m 11 dpo, 2 days ago I got a very very very faint positive on frer test- still don’t believe it- yesterday I had tons and I mean tons of watery clear discharge, literally felt like my period but wasn’t, later in the day I noticed pink tinge and half way during my shift at work last night I noticed some blood

Today I have bright red blood today but it seems watery still- there’s a lot but not like anything Day 2 would be for me

I don’t have cramps, I’m not complete emotional mess like I normally am during period time

So could this be Implantation? Or this is AF showing up early (I have 30 day cycles)

My temp is still high 37.3 this morning

During my period or even day off my temp always drops too 36.6 or 36.8

I haven’t retested again