Period or pregnancy 🤔


I’m suppose to start my period today, holding off to test until tomorrow. Usually a few days before my period I get cramps so bad and my vagina aches but I haven’t had any signs of Af. However I am getting slight cramps that go and go and I feel bloated but have been feeling this way for about 2 weeks now and the cramps just come and go. A few days I’m constipated and the next i have diarrhea continually back n forth 🙄, my nipples are sensitive, I cant even face the water in the shower bc it hits my nipples and makes them hurt..can barely rub a finger over them without them hurting, my boobs feel fuller, and I’m getting acne (which I never have). Hopefully this is it but I’m still having slight cramps that feel like a light version of AF, did anyone else have cramps and bloating (but not as bad as a period cramps)) before a BFP?