When to try for baby #2


Hi guys!

My fiancé and I have a 12 month old baby girl named Ella. I've made it no secret that I cannot wait for baby number 2 to come along and to give Ella a sibling to love and play with. Just wondering when you guys thought the time was right to try for baby number 2? (I fully understand that everyone's different and circumstances are different however just thought it would be nice to share stories and see if we can relate to any signs of "the time is right"!)

For example, my Ella is now fully eating solids and has made the transition to cows milk. She sleeps through the night 7pm- 8/9am, and she's close to walking independently. So for me I feel that the time is right to bring a sibling, so we are TTC starting from this month (sept 2017). What are your thoughts?