Finding it hard.


I don't know how to feel or what to do. I need some advice and my girls have been nothing but supportive but sometimes advice from women that are in the same situation helps.

The father to my child left me when I was 6months pregnant. We live in the same town so I always have people saying I saw him in town drinking or sending me photos of him with girls and it's frustrating. He's failed to contact me even though he said he wants something to do with my baby girl. I try my hardest not to contact him about it but I'm so fed up of hearing and seeing sh*t. I know that when my daughter is born he will want to be in her life but why should I let him be there when he's not supporting me and this baby now? Why? He's no father now. I have no idea how to cope and I don't have long left until my baby is here now.

How did you cope? If you have been in this situation?