So frustrated!

So I’m 5 weeks late on my period and I’ve now missed two periods. When I was one week late I called an obgyn for an appt. they couldn’t get me in until today which means I waited 4 weeks. I get there today and tell them how late I am and how I’ve gotten 3 faint positives in the last few weeks. They completely disregard it and do their urine test and tell me it’s negative and that theirs are really sensitive. They didn’t do a pelvic exam. One nurse comes in and asks me a bunch of questions. She told me I really need to lose weight and was so mean and nasty about it and said I really need to get up and move and that it would be easy at my age (I’m 19). Then proceeded to be super pushy about birth control and kept wanting and insisting I be put on it and I just nodded and disregarded it because I don’t want to be on it again. Physically all she did was listen to my heart, poke around my stomach and check my neck for my thyroid. I told her it’s common for women in my family to not get urine positives for months and she didn’t care. She then gave me a paper and sent me to labcorp to get blood drawn to check for pregnancy and my thyroid levels. I now have to wait another week for my results and have to go there again to see her about it. She told me if all of my labs were normal she was going to give me a pill to induce a period and I don’t want that. She proceeded to tell me that I really don’t need a baby and it would be a bad time for me to have one (literally all she knew about me personally was that I just moved and am currently unemployed and looking for a job) sorry this is so long but I feel it was very unprofessional of her to talk to me that way. I left a bad review on their Facebook page and I’m hoping I can just get my results from labcorp in a few days and not even have to see her face again.