My mom just gave me free stuff

My mom makes homemade laundry detergent

However every time I ask her for it she doesn't have any left, she sells all of it and it's gone before I can even think about it.

I called her and asked her for it, of course it was all gone. But she's like "oh i have some tide detergent and fabric softener you can come get" and I'm like "uh, you paid for it and you're trying to just give it to me?"


And I was like "mom im not coming to rob you of laundry detergent I'm broke but I have enough to buy some, I was just trying to save money and wanted your homemade stuff" and shes like "little woman I have like 3 million gallons of it. Come get it"

She was not lying.

My mom has become one of those freaking coupon queens. Her entire laundry room has a rack stocked full of laundry detergents, fabric softener, tampons? Shampoo. Those little smell good beads you put in the wash to boost the scent.

My mom just gave me like $30-$40 worth of stuff for free and she said it probably costed her $5 and got most of it free.

What the heeeeeelllll lol

I need to take some tips and come back to yall. The adult life is celebrating free laundry detergent.