So fed up with PCOS.


I have had PCOS symptoms since I was 11-12. Basically since I started my period which happened in the 6th grade. It took my obgyn to diagnose me with it forever. I was in my freshman year when I got the call that I have PCOS. So what.. 3 years. And now I'm 19 so in total 6-8 years with this. In that time I had an extremely heavy and huge clotting period that lasted 5 months. Yes 5 months no exaggeration. No one believed me that it was abnormal they blew it off. Now ive been ttc for a year and when I have my period it has lasted for a normal week up until now. Tomorrow makes two weeks. With no stopping and just getting heavier. I've been clotting ridiculous. Cramping horribly. And I'm just so embarrassed and disgusting with this that I want it gone like now. I want to be a normal women with a normal or close to normal functioning uterus. Below is what I sent to my mom about it.