Isolated seizure, leukocytosis.


Hey guys, my son Riyker was seen in the er last night. They diagnosed him with leukocytosis and isolated seizures but told me to set up an appointment with his pcp ( primary care provider) which he has an intensive appointment at 3. They diagnosed him with that because of his symptoms.

He starfishes, stiffens up in that position and starts to shake from anywhere between 3-10 seconds. His face turned completely red and after he starts to relax he freaks out. Starts screaming and then projectile vomiting. They told me it could me a number of things. Moro reflex, isolated seizure, leukocytosis, or infantile spasms. I do have an appointment set up with a neurologist as well. These episodes have only happened 3 times. The first time we were told it was just reflux . The seconds time was yesterday and the third time was while we were in the er and the er dr had seen it and that’s why he diagnosed him the way he did.. has anyone else’s lo ever done anything similar?