Asshole douche bag


I’m so done with this asshole i really have nooo feelings towards him I cry every damn day with anger and hate after everything he has done to cheated on me on and off for 6 years and a really bad cheat last year in October or November left me and my son for a girl and when I say my son I mean once he went with the girl he never wanted to see my son nor give me money for him at all ..

now he quit his job in January and I’ve been the only one working I lived with my Grandma but I can’t live there anymore so I live with my in laws which this asshole lives in the same house so I’m the ONLY one working now I’m the only one providing when this asshole doesn’t even try to get a freaken job !! Mind you he smokes so he always asks me for money if I don’t give it to him he throws a fucking tantrum and I don’t have money for that i barely make enough to only support my son I can care less about me having anything but i care so much more about my son for food clothes or anything he needs and he gets mad when I say no so my sons bday passed on Saturday and they gave my son money for his bday and I no longer have any money in my wallet nor card he tells me oh can I get some I said “NO” I don’t have anything at all only $0 and my sons money you can not touch that’s his money . And tell me why he got mad because of that and said fuck you leandra fuck off and locked me out the room I tried to put my son asleep me and my son go to sleep and I tried to turn the light on he gets so pissed he says “turn the fucking light on” I said “why I’m trying to put our son to sleep wth “ he said I don’t give a fuck turn on the light I got so upset gave my son a kiss and came in the living room and he locked me out . I did nothing wrong to him I did nothing !!! I had just got off work around 10:30 pm I was happy going home till this happened and all in front of my son :’(