Should we get rid of the dog?

I always looked down on people who get rid of their dogs. To me, a dog is family. However, our Boston Terrier has become increasingly aggressive towards me ever since I got pregnant and he has continued even though my son is 10 months old now. My boyfriend had had this dog for 10 years and loves him dearly. The dog is friendly towards other people and is so good with my son, but I never know if he is going to try to bite me when he doesn't want to listen. It happens at least once a month and sometimes it is only because I tell him to go to his kennel. Today he went after me and I had my son in my arms. My boyfriends mother is willing to take him but is it fair to my boyfriend that I ask him to get rid of his dog that he has raised as a puppy? I don't want to give him away and then feel bad and ask for him back.

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