Failed induction


After being in the hospital for 36 hours I'm finally home but I didn't bring home my baby.

I have to say I'm actually very happy to be home.

First 3 doses of cytotec softened my cervix 50% then I had a sweep and nurse opened me to 1 cm then a round of cervidil which got contractions going 2-5 minutes apart but was still at 1cm after 12 hours so I got another 2 doses of cytotec this morning and got sent home after no changes at all but did get a softer cervix so there was little progress 🤗

The whole time I was there I just wanted to go home none of it felt right. My baby just wasn't ready at all and still has a very healthy heart rate and did the entire time we were there.

I went in at 40+3 and going back at 41+3 to try induction again.

Im hoping he comes on his own now though I never want to experience induction again lol.

Not being able to walk through my contractions not being able to bounce on a ball through them not being about to take a bath or anything just staying on the bed laying flat was hell and not how I would of liked to experience any of it. But I'm glad my ob decided to give my baby some more time.