Miscarriage?? Please help!


Hey all,

I experienced a still birth in April 2017 with my baby girl at 20 weeks. Found out I was pregnant with my rainbow baby on September 21. Well I’ve been have some suspicious bleeding for 4 days now. Sorry tmi—It’ll start off spotty and brown and literally everyday right around 6pm it gets dark red—not kidding 6pm. No cramping just strong gas pains. My doc said could be anything but it’s too early to tell.

Checked hcg levels : 61 first time

5 days later: 343 still bleeding

She said take pregnancy tests and watch the line to see if it faints. Anyone know how often I should be taking these? This is what I’ve got so far-3rd one is a bit old. Oops.

Anyone who experienced a miscarriage between 4-5 weeks advice and your story is definitely wanted. Thanks ladies for your support! Test on top I took September 21. Last test was today.