Today was not my day feeling so down😢


Hi lady's sorry but I need to write something, if anyone also have those days like me, I'm 38 weeks, feeling tired, but I have to do stuff. I'm married and also have two kids(10,8) I don't feel like doing nothing and I don't have strength to do nothing, unfortunately I have a husband that I think he doesn't understand what I'm going. He think that I can do all the stuff that I was doing before. But why he doesn't understand 😩😩😩 I cook food, and tell me that the food is not good if don't cook he tell me why I don't cook food, he tell me what I'm doing all day in the house like for real than we start to discuss bla bla bla, I'm so tired dude why you keep talking I'm pregnant with third kid like chill don't you think☹️☹️☹️