Scare (Rant)

I need Prayers for my son. He gave us a scare yesterday by not moving for two days. I’m 32 weeks pregnant. I need Prayers that he stays active so his mommy knows he’s okay. Prayers that the placenta stays in place and that it stays strong. Prayers that he continues to grow big, strong and healthy. Prayers that he is protected by God and that he continues to watch over him until his due date. Prayers my son is safe and that he will stay that way. Prayer that he moves everyday so I know he’s alive. Prayers that he will have enough room to stay active in my belly. Prayers he flips into the correct position so I can have a natural labor.

‼️‼️I swear he’s kicked some today and stretched. I also listened to his heart on a stethoscope However the anxiety from yesterday and all the horrible support from yesterday have me doubting what I felt. I’m so fucking scared now that I made up all the things I felt today. We had an ultrasound and they said everything was perfect. He had a heartbeat. Their was plenty of fluid. Placenta was still in place supporting him. Yet I got so many horror stories yesterday and still seeing some today that I am literally going crazy with fear. I know he has moved but still the anxiety has me doubting myself. It’s a disgusting feeling to have. I know there is a lot of factors that can soften his moves for myself personally.

1. I’m obese

2. He wasn’t a very active baby to start with

3. He’s probably moving while I’m asleep

4. I have a physical disability that may LITERALLY cause him lack of room.

5. I’m distracted by my job

6. My sleep schedule changed so maybe his did too

7. I’m so use to it that I forget to pay attention

So I have never actually been scared when I don’t feel him until yesterday when I went two days with out movement (that I noticed). So even though I know he’s okay I am now chocking on fear from my stupid fucked up anxiety. I want this feeling to go away. I have never doubted God protections until my post was flooded with horrific stories. I don’t know if YOU women were getting a big kick out of trying to scare me or not but thanks to y’all I am paranoid. Now I actually want to invest in a stupid doppler. Just fuck me. I want this feeling to go away and my peace in God to return.