Bleeding/Slow rising hcg suddenly picking up steam


Whoa. So I just wanted to share my story so far because I have been googling frantically for the past two weeks for stories like mine.

I started what I thought was my period early around 10dpo two weeks ago. Super frustrated because I was sure we had timing spot on etc after having used OPKs. The bleeding was way too much to be implantation.

For whatever reason I decided to do a pregnancy test at 12dpo and they came back strongly positive. The following day I went to the GP and given that I was still bleeding like I was on my period she wasn’t very optimistic and said that it might be ectopic.

So bloods were drawn and came back at 125 and then 205 two days later. Not doubling but within the acceptable range still. The bleeding had stopped by then. Two days later levels came back at 275. That’s when they said it was very unlikely to be a viable pregnancy and I should expect to either miscarry or it being an ectopic pregnancy. I was devastated.

We spent an afternoon in the ER after I had stomach pains and they did more bloods two days after the last ones and it had only gone up to 379. Not looking great. Was scheduled for more bloods today so advised to just sit it out and only come back if the pain got severe.

Today, 5 days later I went to get the bloods done fully expecting they would have started to come down as I experienced another minor bleed the night before.

My GP called me and congratulated me: 3200 something.


Because I had a little bleed last night she wanted me to do an ultrasound straight away because they would now be able to rule out that it was an ectopic.

I just got back from the ultrasound and they found a sack dating around 5w2 which is just about spot on.

No feral pole and heartbeat visible yet but they were more than happy that things were in the right place and progressing as normal.

Back in a couple of weeks to hopefully hear my second baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

Miracles happen ❤️