anyone willing to say a lottle prayer for me?

Holly • Engaged. Dog mom. FTM-to-be. due Dec 22.

I'm 28 weeks today. YAY. welcome 3rd trimester. today is my 4d ultrasound. my doctor offers only one for free & it's during 28-32 weeks. i Have an anterior placenta and theres only a 20% chance I Will see his face. this is my one & only chance (because after this she said my placenta will be way too big at the 36 week one to see his face ¬ 4d) and I wanna see my baby boys face so so so badly that ive been praying and crying and hoping and wishing. if anyone is willing to say a little prayer for someone, that someone being me, that would be fantastic. I figure the more prayers for me to see his sweet face the better chances I will have. thanks in advance :)