Night or Morning Bath


So, my LO has always loved the water and bath time. Since she was about a month old, we have gave her a bath every night or at least a rinse off. However, a couple weeks ago we got home really late, so I didn't bath her and she slept all night! She had been waking up around 3 every morning. So I tried it a few more nights and decided to bath her in the morning and she slept all night. Once she got in a routine of sleeping all night she was ok with night baths. They always have been a signal to her that's in bedtime in the past. Well last Saturday we were out late and it threw off her schedule, so all week she has been up at 12, 3, 5, 6:30/7. We were both exhausted. Finally last night I decided not to bath her and she slept all night! Isn't that odd?? I wonder why?

Could her night bath be causing her to wake up for some reason. It seems like it helps her to go to sleep, but she does not stay asleep. I'm wondering if I should just start bathing her in the morning. 🤔