TTC being 18?!


I’m 18, and me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year. It’s my senior year and I definitely have plans planned out for after high school and such but one thing that has been on our mind is having a baby. I’m just so lost into actually doing it or not. No negative comments or telling me I’m too young they will be blocked. But I’m looking for some encouraging thoughts from younger moms mainly who showed everyone they did it no matter what anybody said and told her she couldn’t. Me and my boyfriend are very stable and so is our relationship emotionally physically and so are our jobs. Things are great we’ve just been wanting a baby for a really long time now. Is it wrong to feel this way any tips on having a kid young.

If I’m pregnant I’m at least 2 weeks pregnant but it’s still too early to tell. I was pregnant once and miscarried very early due to pills I was taking for medical reasons. I’ve been having headaches and hot flashes cramps and spotting for 4 days very very light. Eating so much food and a lot of coffee cravings. My nipples in my last pregnancy got hard out of nowhere, since I have inverted nipples my nipples being hard was because I’m cold or pregnant. My nipples are now starting to get hard for no reason. Heart burn and acid reflux started up this week I know it’s very early but my period isn’t until like 10 days of course I can wait but I would love to hear what y’all have to say