Sweep + Induction



I had a relatively easy first roughly 20 weeks of pregnancy, no morning sickness, etc.. Then at 22 weeks with an anterior placenta I started feeling this first proper kicks, at about 24/5 Dad could feel them too, we were ecstatic! Baby quickly picked up a pattern and it wasn't hard to notice when he had tailed off from that, I've been in the hospital about 6 times with reduced movement, then they were giving me scans to check fluid etc was okay, but they noticed that his growth was tailing off and they became slightly concerned, I was being sent back for multiple scans to check his growth, which they confirmed to be fine. Although I've reached 39 weeks today and I had an appointment at 38 +6 (yesterday) they told me they wanted to give me a sweep, which was done there and then, I was in shock as I wand not expecting this to happen.. my first question is, is there any mums who have been given a sweep at this point and went into labour themselves? I would like to know. Also because of all these concerns they don't want me to go past my due date (6/10/17) so I have been booked in to the hospital next Thursday the 5th at 7.45 to have a pessary, I will then be kept in hospital for 24hrs with monitoring to see how things are progressing, then on Friday the 6th providing I am dilated enough they will break my waters! I'm scared, I'm scared he's not ready to come and I'm scared as to the outcome of this, I am aware I am in good hands! But please some experiences please mums! I want to know how a sweep worked for you if you have experience with one and what your experience was like if you were induced in the hospital!!

Please help!! I need advice TIA