I'm out this month 💔 af came 2 days early

I'm so done trying. everyone around me is getting pregnant people who aren't trying and people who have 3 or more kids and complaining they are. Complaining that they get to have a little human growing in them feeling them move, grow and get to spend the rest if their lives watching them grow hearing their laughter and being parents grandparents and then there's me nothing.Yet I've tried every month and nothing. I'm just so tired of getting my hopes up and af showing her face, 11 long years of trying and I'm so done so sick of it.The worst part is all the people who ask when we are going to have kids saying oh you'll be such an amazing mom, it will happen when it's suppose to well I can't keep doing it to my husband and my self so I'll be a mutter (doggie mom) and that's fine with me! its just going to be my furbabies, hubby and me! xo peace out all I'm out p.s. baby dust to all who are trying good luck and god bless ❤😘