Don’t know what to do.

So I love my other half and at times he can be the sweetest person, he works a lot and on the weekends likes to relax and not go out, we haven’t been out in ages so I got sent some money by my adoptive mum to go out tomorrow and just have some time, he is using the excuse I’ve been told to take it easy yet he doesn’t mind me doing an hour walk to the shop and an hour back to get electric, so we said we’d order in and have a movie night tomorrow, now he’s invited his friend over for a gaming day and pizza, he is always gaming on the weekends with the headset talking to him where I just don’t even feel comfortable in the room so I leave. They have a bromance as they call it, the weekends my so does go out it’s with him and try just go to the strip club which I just try to ignore as I’m not exactly comfortable with myself as it is but it makes him happy. I just feel like sometimes I get put second, I was in hospital last week and he only went with me when the ambulance took me and stayed an hour, then I didn’t see him for days till I was discharged even then it was when I got home. I’m just confused I guess because sometimes it just makes me feel so crap