Stuggling with the end of my pregnancy. HELP!

Hi everyone.

I'm due tomorrow (October 1st.)

I am over the moon about being pregnant but it's all definitely messed with my head. I've spoken to my doctor about how I feel and he just always refers me to a therapist that's just tries to sugar coat how I feel.

NOW, coming to end of my pregnancy and NO sign of labour, it's definitely becoming harder, I am fit mentally to have a baby and physically.

But when I fell pregnant hormones surged as they do and it messed with everything, I was constantly sad, crying, locked myself in my room most days and struggled leaving the house, in my second trimester it got a lot better, I had energy, I brought everything I needed, i loved seeing my family and spending time with my SO.

MY third trimester hit me hard and now I'm back to square one, I'm depressed, constantly in bed, I HATE having to talk and make conversation even at my doctors appointments, I talk so fast and anxiously because I just want to get out and go back to bed.

I have no signs of labour at this point, I have some cramping but that's about it, they booked my induction for 41+3 days and the thoughts of me going that far over makes me so upset.

I don't know what to do, I'm so excited to meet my baby, but every day being pregnant is a constant battle in my head and I'm worried how much of an impact it's going to take on me after having baby when all the hormones are gone. I miss feeling how I used too before I was pregnant.

How can I jump start labour, I've tried spicy food, sex, stairs, walking and bouncing. I had a sweep but that did nothing but cause cramps for a few hours.

I feel selfish and very angry at myself that I feel this way and wish I could enjoy my pregnancy, and enjoy my last moments of just being myself , but it's so hard.

:( if anyone has any advice I'd really really really appreciate it, my boyfriend does not understand how it is and this damn therapist doesn't even help !!!