I need help!


So recently I found a painful thing on my vulva between the lips (labias). It has gotten more painful with the couple days. I’ve never had sex, although my boyfriend did go down on me but only twice and a while ago. We don’t do it anymore because for me it’s not that great and I don’t think it’s that worth it. Anyways we are both virgins and each other’s 1st bf/gf. He’s a year younger than me and I’m 17. Long story short I’m freaking out cause idefk what it is... and I’m scared. We both have never had cold sores that are physically there, but I read that sometimes you may have herpes but they just never show up? So I’m not quite sure. I looked at it with a mirror and it’s just a singular bump that closely resembles a canker sore (raised bump with whitish center) Any help greatly appreciated!