i already tried talking to him

PLEASE don't hate or comment rude things

I'm just looking for suggestions on what i should do or have you gone through similar events and does it ever change or what else can i do?

maybe even just ranting a little lol. no girl friends to talk to so hear me out if you want.

My bf and I have been together about 2 years. when we first started dating we would have sex every day almost 3 times a day if possible. It has always made me a little insecure that he takes forever to cum when we have penis to pussy penetration like he's not getting that same pleasure that makes me cum so easily or that i don't satisfy him sexually. well anyways besides that as time went on our sex got repetitive there's never really much forplay we always have sex in the same position doggie and he always takes forever to cum or sometimes he won't even cum at it almost seems as if it's like a chore to him when we fuck. I've asked him before why he takes so long? and he says it's always taken him forever to cum and not to feel down. then lately for the past 3 months he isn't as sexually active as before and being my horny ass i also questioned why? he responded that he wants to take a little break from sex. without letting me know before hand or anything. so I'm here trying to let him breath and relax but i want sex... and I'll wear provocative clothes to try and tease him and I'll even go as far as grabbing his penis and straight stroking it and giving him head. which he loves and doesn't complain about that at all he even gets all into it and moans and sometimes even tells me oh you almost make me cum so quick though when he takes forever fucking me?? I don't get it he loves head and for me to stroke his dick but as soon as i try actually putting his dick in me he either moves away or gets up or does something abruptly to stop me or fucks me doggie 😡😢 and I'm just left like either super wet or annoyed. like i wanna fuck all over the place in different positions enjoy sex (sorry if i sound like a horndog haha) and i feel like my pussy isn't good to him or something🙊🔫. i also feel like when i make him hard and he doesn't finish or when he moves me he just finishes himself off on his own when im when I'm not there that's just what i think though. I keep myself shaved and cleans so i don't think that's the problem. I'm 20 and he's 23 I just get verry irritated when he told me he used to masturbate all the time when he was younger and watch so much porn. and now im supposed to believe he doesn't do any of this but doesn't want to have sex either 😕I'm just sexually frustrated and annoyed at our sex life i feel insecure and unattractive any advice?

excuse my spelling it's not all that great

and sorry if my rant is all over the place