Should I call the cops? I'm heartbroken

Okay ladies, I work at an elderly intake facility. We have about 70 patients raging from 75-98 years old all suffer from memory disorders and dementia to heart problems.

I have been working there for 3 1/2 years. I can honestly say I know each And every patients name. I love EACH and everyone of my patients. I dance with them, do Karaoke, play games I try to keep them busy.

Well here is where it's starting to get difficult for me. My co worker who has been working there for 5 years now, is not being nice to the patients. Let me put it like this, I feel she is being evil with my babies 😞 it breaks my heart. I found this out recently just one month ago. One of my patients let's name her "Maria" is always soooo happy to see the ladies from my shift, she always walks up to us and hugs us Always. She would also always grab my hand and ask me for cake, which is always so astonishing to me bcus of her memory lost. It swear I alway feel like crying when she does that. Well last month Maria did not come rushing to hug my evil coworker which we all kind of laughed it off.

I don't know what got into me a couple days after but I started getting this urge of observing my evil coworker. The things I started seeing and hearing were heartbreaking. I started seeing her walking the patients holding their poor fragile risk soooo hard! I would notice the poor patients make faces in pain. I also started over hearing her during her break speaking on the phone about how old the patients are and questioning why are they still living. My poor Maria 😞she took her to the bathroom once and I heard her lowly yelling at our patient Maria to clean her dam self, telling her you want me to leave you to dirty draws and walk around her smelling like sh*t. Promising that she would do it!!!!! At that moment I was LIVID!!!!! I was shaking ! I knocked on that door sooooo hard! When she opened the door I asked her to leave and told her I would take care of maria. I cleaned her up and gave her a hug and told her how much I love her. Well ladies , after that day I believe my evil coworker realized that I will not tolerate such act horrendous actions so she started spreading rumors about how " sensitive" I've became with my pregnancy and how I should not be able to come to work anymore because of my symptoms that I've only spoken about maybe once or twice at the break room. At this point I feel like I should start recording her, saddest thing is I don't think she's the only one, I am suspecting if two more, I've over heard them talking horrible things about our patients. I don't know what to do also because the evil co worker is really close to the manager 😞 I don't want to loose my job but I also don't want to record and get blamed for violating HIPPA. What to do??? I don't want my poor patients to suffer 😞😞 they are truly loving angels that deserve love 😞