Would you keep your money?

Tyra • Fluent in profanity & sarcasm | Aggressively positive♥️

SCENARIO: You’re walking into a grocery store when you see a coworker of yours. Now while y’all aren’t best friends you are really good acquaintances so you stop and talk for a little bit.

During that conversation it comes up that she only has $50 to spend on groceries for herself and 3 kids. You, being single (for the sake of this scenario) and living by yourself have $200 which is more than enough to last you the whole month.

While you do work more hours than her you can’t help but feel bad because she works just as hard. Given the circumstances do you:

A) add your money together and then split it evenly so each person has $125 each

B) keep your money, after all its none of your business right?

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