When is "news through a text message" inappropriate?

Gina • Mom of One 👶🏻 Master of None

I find text messaging has become very impersonal and very personal at the same time. People feel more comfortable talking to someone through text message where it's not as vulnerable as a phone call or face to face.

My issue is, I see a lot of people telling their partner/family/friends important news such as a birth, death, positive pregnancy test, new job, and break ups over text messaging. It's an easy way to tell someone good or bad news without the confrontation or awkwardness.

I feel this is wrong. I feel these announcements should be treated in the old fashion way of face to face. Or at least a phone call.

It kind of bothers me that a couple who has been trying for a baby for years will simply text the other a picture of a positive pregnancy test. I feel it should be taken with more enthusiasm and care.

I know each relationship is different amd every person has a different perspective on things which is why I made this and is asking you what you think.

Do you think text messaging is OK for announcing important news? Or is it perfectly fine?

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