Pregnant or not pregnant pos blood test negative urine and should be around 8 weeks


I don’t know what is happening with me lately my last period what August 2017 and we are now in October 2017 and still no period have took two urine pregnancy test and both negative (clear blue digital) on the 4th Oct and 5th October 2017 but two weeks ago I had a blood test to check everything and I have anaemia and my hcg levels was positive and went to see the community midwife last Thursday and she confirmed it by looking at my test results. The community midwife estimated my due date to be 12th may 2018 which makes me roughly 8 weeks but I cant seem to get a positive urine test is that normal I know by now it should be showing up in urine but it isn’t got doctors today to see what happening with me just wondering if anyone else has experience this I have all the pregnancy symptoms just can’t get positive urine test

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