Do you judge pregnant ladies you see buying wine, cigarettes, etc.?

The Grinch • Mama to Owen. Ex-Amish. Holiday Cheermeister. 💙

Okay, I wasn't buying wine, but I did see some sparkling white grape juice and I wanted to try it because my boyfriend was going on and on about how good it is. Anyway, we went to check out and the cashier goes "can I see your ID" (I thought this was kind of weird because I wasn't buying anything that has an agreement restriction but nonetheless I still gave her my ID) and she hands it back to me and says "I seriously can't believe pregnant people can buy alcohol, this world is disgusting." To which I replied "thank you for your concern, but this is grape juice" and she rolled her eyes and put the bottle in the basket. (The bottle says non-alcoholic in bold, capital letters and I don't even think the store sells alcohol). But back to my original question, do you judge pregnant people when you see them buying cigarettes, alcohol, etc.?

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