My man hit me in the head for the first time

He never did that before. But I’m known for hugging very hard and squishing him a lot and all... and he gets very angry when I supposedly “hurt” him. And one night I accidentally grabbed his wrist and somehow it hurt him, it wasn’t on purpose. And he swung his arm to my head and hit me very hard... the pain was bad.

I cried a lot...


Thanks girls ! But I want to explain, my man is not very touchy. He doesn’t know how to express love through touching me like hugging and all. He is very stiff and doesn’t express his love like that because his parents never taught him. That’s why I always hug him and sometimes I get very upset and hug him hard so he knows how much I love him since he never expresses it to me. And in the situation when he hit me, I did it on accident. Seriously! I didn’t do it on purpose that time, he hit me in the head very hard and I’m not overreacting. I was in shock.

I get it, it’s my fault. But when he doesn’t even feel bad the day after and says “Well you deserved it” ... I mean seriously?