A little worried


So my husband and I have been TTC only since late August. (I know not very long) last month was my first full month off BC. I have been on BC since I was 13 and I am 29 now so I’ve never had a cycle or anything with out it.. so last month I didn’t really notice any real CM or even know really what to look for I guess.. then this month I notice a little more discharge. I am in my fertile window and I took an OKP test today and got the smiley face that I was ovulating so my husband and I did the BD. Well after I waited for 5 minuets I went pee and when I went to wipe there was a LONG thick stringy blob that fell out of me.. Now if it was just white/ creamy color I would chalk it up to CM and his stuff, but it was tinged kinda brownish.. and was the size of a quarter.. I had my husband look at it because I’ve never seen anything like it.. I wiped again and there was a tiny tiny bit of blood. I am freaking out.. I don’t know what it could be :-/. So I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas what it might be :-(.. thank you guys for any information!!