so i’m a sneaky bitch lol

so i have to get this off my chest y’all. my boyfriends ex is CRAZY. like she was obssesed with him. which is fine i understand. but she tried talking to him for months after we were dating. still fine i understand. but than she statt e having her friends message him, about how he moved on to quickly and how i’m a hoe for stealing him and how she’s much much prettier than me ( i mean she is pretty y’all ) SO today she went on a rant about him on facebook about how bad of a person he is. saying he cheated blah blah. SO the real story is is my boyfriends best friend commuted suicide about a year ago. but the same night his best friend commited suicide she FUCKED HIS OTHER BEST FRIEND. LIKE THAT GOT ME HEATED. and then she lied about it. idk guys i texted her off a fake text now account and i know that makes me as low as her but i couldn’t stand it. i needed it off my chest so i didn’t have to constantly check what she was posting anymore. i wasn’t rude i just said pls stop posting about him when you are not the victim. i’m not going to reply to what she says but YEAH. i was so mad and i needed to rant to someone because i ain’t about to tell my bf y’all. 😂 but wow i was heated cause i wanna protect my baby that’s all. so now i’m done. i blocked her so i don’t look at it and i’m over it 😂😂