Pregnancy in 40s compared to others when younger


For anyone who had a baby younger and is now or was pregnant in your 40’s, did you find it to be more of a challenging pregnancy? I had 2 kids in my 20s and 1 in early 30s. Very easy and uneventful but I have had 2 pregnancies in my 40s and first miscarriage at 10 weeks but the pregnancy was horrible. The second until 23 weeks and while less emotional and nauseous (at times) it really was tough in that I felt like I couldn’t do anything or ever had energy. I don’t mean normal pregnancy stuff more like I guess I really felt my age at times.Lots of aches and pains , headaches, couldn’t cook ( which I love) because everything grossed me out and so very tired all day and couldn’t sleep good at night either. I kept attributing it to the fact that I was older but wanted to know as we are yet again ttc, if anyone with a later pregnancy had a good pregnancy?