7dpo and morning sickness!

With my first child I was EXTREMELY sick! Puked 10 plus times a day for almost my entire pregnancy. Obviously my body is very sensitive to all the hormones. That being said, this is our 4th month TTC for our second baby, and today I'm 7dpo. Every month up until this month my TWW symptoms were usual, the cramping and tired feeling. But this month is completely different, around 5dpo I had severe cramping like I never have before, and today at 7 dpo I woke up with the entire room spinning and I felt like I was going to faint/puke all at the same time. After being hunched in a ball for about 20 min, I threw up and TMI had really bad diarrhea! Call me crazy but I honestly feel like this could be my sign!! Is this possible, has morning sickness started this soon for anyone else?!