“His” just stabbed me in the heart about “ours”


My husband and I got married on 5/5/17 and found out we were pregnant on 5/10/17. At around 14 weeks along we found out our future child would be a boy. I am currently 25 weeks and 5 days. I just found out that our 10 year old step daughter said that she won’t love the baby because he wasn’t a girl. She has told me on multiple occasions when I talked to her about the baby being a boy, because at first I was disappointed as well, and she has said she is happy with it. I found out today from her Grandma that she had said that. I’ve been feeling distant and honestly annoyed by her lately, but I’ve been attributing that to the pregnancy. I had told my husband how I’ve been feeling about her and he was angry, so now I feel like he will blame me for making her feel this way. Thanks ahead of time.