Not just for girls

I want this group to be for girls, guys, grown women, grown men. Anyone who didn't have a dad growing up but I'll tell you about myself. My dad cheated on my mom a lot and they were never married she didn't even like him after she had me but he was emotionally abusive to her. And we left him we moved and he got on drugs really bad and it's been about 10 years he just got out of jail again. I have a stepdad but we got into it a few months ago and what he said really hurt me and he brought up divorce when we were on vacation while I was in the room with them bc I made him mad and my mom took up for me. And now he doesn't think they will last this isn't his first marriage and he works a few hours away and we never see him "which isn't bad for me or my sisters" just my mom. But now I have trust issues and think true love is bull but I still want to believe there is hope for me