HELP.... should I leave??

so I got pregnant in December and throughout my whole pregnancy my boyfriend would always talk about how he can't wait to hold his daughter,play with his daughter, how she's gonna be such a daddies girl, how he can't wait till she's here etc... well I had my daughter the 5th of September and he hardly has anything to do with her... he does whatever he wants.. he wants to go out with his buddies he does. he wants to play video games he does. he has complete freedom and I'm stuck with the baby ALL day everyday. he's maybe held her ten times and changed her maybe 5 times. I tried talking to him telling him I need help and things need to change but nothing he still does what he wants I feel like a single mother.. I love him so much and I don't wanna leave him but I'm tired of being the only one who takes care of the baby... he says he wants the baby but hardly shows it im sick of it I don't want to leave but idk what else to do to please help!!!