To orgasm or not to orgasm? That is the question.

So, years ago I was in a relationship where my partner never took the time to take me to an orgasm. Once he was done he rolled over and fell asleep. I pointed it out that I hasn't climaxed or was close to; his response, you don't deserve one, more so especially if we had had a disagreement earlier in the day.

I noticed that I got angry, frustrated and moody when I didn't. I made a vow to myself then that every time I have sex I'd orgasm.

I'm currently seeing someone and sometimes he climaxes before I do. Yesterday, he said when you don't climax you get mad. Do you always need to have an orgasm? I was like yes. He said that that's not supposed to be. I explained why to him.

Am I being weird? Can I change this about myself? I'm so confused but I can't deny my body what it needs. Suggestions anyone?