heartburn & sick.

Salea Torres 🕊 • coastal living ⋒ mother + wife to my highschool sweetheart ❥

so i suffer really bad heartburns like super bad, like to the point they make me wanna throw up. but three days ago i started getting an itchy, rusty throat, it wasn’t bad at first but i would suffer from heartburn at night with cough and it burned soo soo bad it literally felt so painful and so itchy, it didn’t let me sleep all night, and i’m the type of person who’s life depended on medication if something was wrong. now that i’m pregnant i can’t drink any medicine at all. i’m sorry but for the language but now i feel like complete SHIT. i have sleepless nights and days, can’t eat anything i want cause everything causes heartburn, can’t lay all the way down cause then it makes me wanna throw up. i’ve tried everything to get rid of the runny nose and sore throat, hot teas, hot soups, lots of water, staying warm, and NOTHING. i want some help pleaseeee i’ve been living hell through my pregnancy for the last two weeks now with being sick and heartburns.