TMI: Bleeding and Anxiety

Two days ago we went for our first prenatal at 6w5d. The midwife opted not to do a pelvic since I seemed nervous (my first), and she didn't want to risk causing any bleeding. That night I woke up at 2am feeling wet and went to the bathroom to find my pajamas with a fist-sized stain of bright red blood. I instantly began to cry and woke my husband. I composed myself and realized I wasn't having bad cramps, nor was I "gushing" so we decided to wait. The bleeding stopped at 3am and turned to brown spotting. I called the nurse line as soon as it opened and she told me I didn't need to go in, but there was a cancellation if I wanted to be sure. Of course, I took it. The doctor I saw was shocked the midwife had skipped my pelvic, and found I had a severe yeast infection which likely caused the bleeding. Everything else looked good. This morning I struggled to use the bathroom and again had a small rush of vaginal blood that stopped right away. I've read this can happen if you strain. My doctor assured me I was fine and if there are no cramps and the bleeding isn't heavy for over two hours, I shouldn't worry. How can I not worry?! Still, I am so glad I called and took the appointment so I can treat the infection. 7weeks today, please hang on little baby!