Bye 😞


Hi ladies

Unfortunately it was confirmed to me today via a scan that my baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks and 6 days, I should have been 11 weeks 6 days today!

I knew there was something wrong when I started spotting/bleeding over a week ago but unfortunately after numerous visits to the hospital and doctor, they weren’t able to fit me into epu (early pregnancy unit) until this morning.

The baby was still there, I got to see it, hence why my bleeding had been very light with no pain.

I have opted to have a suction op because the natural process may take a few weeks.

I’m just thankful that I was blessed enough to get pregnant (after a year of trying), and InshaAllah I will try again and trust in Allah swt.

May Allah swt bless you all and I hope that your pregnancy’s continue to progress.

Sending you all love and hugs and InshaAllah who knows I may be back on here one day ❤️