Vagina advice


I've suffered all year long with B.V and yeast infections "supposedly" according to my doctors. February I got tested for all stds and hiv aids and all negative, including Trich. Reason I mention trich is because I have vaginal discharge that's fishy smelling and it seems like a yeast infection but then it's slightly green and doctors ruled out trich they said yeast infections can be slightly green too. I was even prescribed flagyl and metronidazole once in feb for yeast infection and in August for bv but it now October and I continue to have this issue. It's minimal discharge specs of creamy chunks and sometimes slightly green and no itching like very very minimal. When I get my period it kinda goes away but after a few days after my my one is gone I get it back any advice please. Also got retested for stds in August and again negative just the bv pos. I do have a bf as far as I know we are the only ones having sex with each other.