Help please! No EWCM😕--- should I try iui?

I've been ttc for about 8 months and even tho I know it's not the one year mark yet (I'm 31), I'm worried cause lately I haven't had EWCM when I ovulate. (I have no problem producing creamy CM after ovulation tho of course... I don't get it 🙁) I hate it cause I've made the mistake of thinking I'm not close to ovulating but then get surprised with a "peak" on OPK's and shortly after ovulation pain. It's usually just wet when I check cervix but not watery where I'm leaking to my underwear. But anyways (sorry for my CM rant! ), I'm wondering if we should try <a href="">IUI</a> next . I do use pressed btw, but hasnt helped yet. Anyone else who can relate or any suggestions?

I would really appreciate it!!!! Thanks in advance!