Am I pregnant?

I had unprotected sex August 27th, 2 days after my period ended and I'm taking birth control but I forgot to take it one day that week and didn't take it the other day, so I decided not to do the pause for 4 days on the pill just to be safe. but this Friday I did the pause because I didn't like not getting my period and I was so suppose to get my period today because it's the 1st day on the pause... could I be pregnant? is it normal not to get your period even if you're not stopping your period with the pill? is it even possible to get pregnant and be pregnant even if you're taking the pill everyday? isn't it harmful for the fetus? even if I'm like 1 week or 2 weeks long?!?! ps. I've been feeling bloated and very tired. I don't know if it's possible to have symptoms this early, if I am pregnant.