over before it started

I really don't know where to start. I am married with a 6month old. our son is such a blessing! our son is so full of personality and makes me laugh and just happy enough to smile when I'm not crying and depressed about the decision I've made. I'm talking about marrying my son's father. I honestly should have known things would be this way because we have completely different ideologies and at every turn he(so called husband) does the complete opposite of what he says he is going to do. we argue over the simplest things and when I say argue I mean I get upset because he 1st says ok or agrees and then does the complete opposite with out telling me. I'll ask what his opinion is on the subject matter and he will usually say "happy wife happy life" but then disregard what was decided. I'm constantly having to "find out"the change of plans... especially with regards to our son. He constantly tells me that he keeps making adjustments for me and moved for me and is thinking of our future, but obviously not true because he does what he wants.

now he has begun to tell his single male friend very private things about our relationship. I noticed in a text conversation that he laughed at the fact that i cry so often now... and has even addressed me as "this nigga".

I am so drained and I feel trapped in this marriage as it will only be a year ( if we make it) this coming December.

please send some prayers because I am so depressed and heartbroken. as he feels free to discuss with his friend I am now reaching out to yall because I can't bare tell close family as I've been putting up such a fake face on for so long. please, any positivity would go a long way

I know it's easier to say get a divorce but I really thought that therapy would work... yes we've tried it. he had made himself to appear like he cares about me and our relationship in the sessions but the fact remains his actions speak louder than the words of his mouth.

maybe I really have to believe the fact that some things just aren't meant to be and I should find away out before things get worse (which I won't be surprised).