Is he lazy or am I just jealous?


I know I’m breastfeeding and there isn’t a lot he can do as far as feeding her goes. Here and there he gets up and changes her when she wakes then hands her to me to feed, which is helpful. But he gets at least 3 times the sleep that I do. The baby is literally attached at the boob most of the day and night, and when I do ask him to take over, he does it with a grumpy attitude. I feel bad for asking but then I think, why do I feel bad?? It’s his daughter, too. I wish he would OFFER to stay up with her and feed her bottles of my milk more often than once a week so I can get some sleep. The baby did great last night and this AM, and I was able to feed her and get back into bed for rest. Then this AM (& many mornings lately) he wants to rub all over me when i get into bed. He knows I’m tired and can’t wait to get some more sleep, yet he bugs me instead of making that happen. I’m just ranting I guess. I hope I’m not alone in this and my angst is warranted. It would just be nice to get the kind of sleep he does and it doesn’t seem fair.