**RANT**28+2 and not feeling sex!!!

Mimi β€’ Hello everyone! My boyfriend (Aaron) and I are a young couple who is madly in love with each other. we had our first angel on October 4th 2016, and she passed the same day. Now we're expecting again

Soo this morning my bf mentioned how he would love a bj. I wasn't feeling it and later tonight we tried to have sex and I was not happy AT ALL! Besides me being dry as a freaking desert, I felt so swollen and in the way I couldn't even position my body to where I would be comfortable. Then my LO wanted to start kicking and combine that with the beached-whale feelings and my pumpum not wanting to cooperate I wasn't feeling very sexy or romantic. Just upset and gross. Gratefully my SO understood and even apologized for placing any kind of pressure on me😍😍😍😍 and he has since showered me with compliments after I told him about my feelings. He's so sweet. Cuddling accomplished the closeness we both were craving, so I'm a happy camper now. Just wondering if anyone else us currently feeling this way.