Name Taken! In need of name creativity

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Ughhhhh. So, I am not one to tell someone they can’t name their baby the same as mine, but it really is awkward when two of your friends have BOTH versions of your favorite boy name. We lost our first born in 2016 and I am almost positive it was a boy. I had Wes picked out and wasn’t sure if I wanted Weston or Wesley until we lost the baby. So, my best friend of 23 years has a really close girl friend who I have become friends with and she named her son Westley, West for short. So, I was thinking well my bff is gonna have to deal with two Wes-kids but whatever because it’ll be a different nickname or I would do Weston. Then, the worst happened. My really close friend who lost her first a year after me and we grew tremendously closer after her experience... finally got pregnant and is going to name her son Weston! I think when she told me, I mentioned that it was my favorite name, but I didn’t want to be selfish and ruin her special moment by telling her that was going to be the name of our child we lost. And it really means a lot to me specifically BECAUSE we lost to baby. I don’t think she would appreciate it at all, even if I named the baby Wesly instead. It is so awkward because I know that it is the name of my dreams for my son and I can’t find another variation of Wes that I like and SO has a really awkward short last name that is one syllable so Wes on its own is not good :( help!

Also, I thought about Wesbrook but Idk how I like that especially with the last name.