I don't know what to do :(


I don't know what to do. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 11 months but I don't know if I'm as happy as I should be. I love him, but sometimes I feel as if maybe there's someone who would treat me better. I know everyone has their flaws because I know I have them too, but I just don't know what to do. We constantly argue and a majority of the fight is about something small but when he refers to them he always calls them stupid and I feel as if that's him kind of saying I'm upset for a stupid reason and that my feelings are stupid. And when we argue, I feel as if he always tries to make me feel bad for him and that he has it worse than I do because he has a shit mom and college is hard. For example, i just got my wisdom teeth out and the next day at 10:30pm I hadn't gotten a "how are you doing" text, not even a "sorry babe I'm busy we can talk tonight text" and when I texted him telling him not to text me because I didn't want to talk to him that night he got upset with me for "yelling at him without letting him explain" which I admit I did get pretty upset with him but I feel as if my feelings were a bit justified but instead of just apologizing for not texting me and asking how I was, he instead basically told me that getting wisdom teeth out isn't a big deal and that i shouldn't be upset with him just because he didn't check on me and that it was a stupid reason to be upset. He then tried to make me feel bad because his knee has been acting up, him and his mom have been constantly fighting and that he had been doing math since 9am that morning. So then i tried to just take a break because I felt that that is just what the relationship needed at the time but he then told me it's either we're together or not because he doesn't do breaks (keep in mind that we've broken up before and he claims that we were on a break not broken up) so I snapped and said "I'm done" and so he got really sad and started saying things like "i thought you were the one" and stuff. Then two days later we talked it out and we're together again but I don't know if I want to be. He has done another pretty messed up thing and tried to turn it into he was the victim and that if I didn't believe his side of the story then leave him alone. So I just feel as if he controls this relationship (he claims he doesn't) and that he always thinks about what HE wants. Like he hates my dad and he talks shit about my dad even tho I hate it and won't just let me rant to him without putting his two cents in. I just idk if I'm still with him because I want to be (I do and I don't) or because I'm too scared I won't love someone the same way I love him. What do you guys think? Am I over reacting? Am I a crappy girlfriend?